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First, I want to be clear that NoVaxJobsUSA is NOT an “Anti-Vax” site. We do promote no vaccine mandate jobs. If you want to be vaccinated, it is your right and we respect that. However, a large portion of the population does not for various, individual reasons. We respect the rights of those individuals as well and want to help them continue to succeed in these trying times.

Our community on NoVaxJobsUSA is open and we allow independent posting by non-affiliated persons and organizations. The views expressed by anyone that posts on NoVaxJobsUSA is not necessarily the opinion of the founder and we make no representation as to the truthfulness of their claims. Seek your own information out to validate anyone’s opinion. has ONE goal.  We want to help connect like-minded, independent thinkers with employers that value their employees personal choices. Posting jobs, joining groups to network and connecting is 100% FREE on our platform. We value individual freedoms so you won’t find anyone looking over your shoulder. We expect everyone to be open-minded and friendly. Register and get started now!

If you want more support and the opportunity to network with other job seekers, employers and admins and ambassadors then REGISTER and connect on one of our GROUPS. By registering you can create your own personal profile, connect with others, create your own groups and join existing groups. Our groups are moderate by their creator and there are two existing groups maintained by the team.

The JOB NETWORKING group encourages people to connect in order to network with others interested in no vaccine mandate jobs. You may find the perfect job or employee by connecting with other members in the group.

The No Vax Jobs Support Group is for members that need a little support. This is the place where you can vent, tell your story, dump some anxiety or even ask for prayers during these difficult life-changing times. There’s no judgement, we’re here to lift one one another up. 

We hope you make some tremendous connections!


Site Rules:

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Let freedom reign!

* does not screen employers or candidates. assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the content employers or candidates post. Please verify ALL information supplied to you by the parties you connect with. Do NOT share private, personal information with unverified parties. 

Registered members may contact the admin @slwusa for assistance. The site admin typically responds to all messages within 24hrs of receipt.  

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