10 Job hunting methods to find the perfect job!

10 Job hunting methods to find the perfect job!

10 Job hunting methods to find the perfect job!

***2022-UPDATE: Be prepared for the behavioral interview questions employers ask!***

1. Narrow your job search down to a laser focused goal. Don’t be vague, or general. Don’t just go for any no vax job that you qualify for. Even though we’re experiencing a serious roadblock with the mandates and their potential enforcement, there are more jobs than people applying. Companies are having an extremely difficult time finding employees.

Since you have to look for a new job, be laser focused. Start by defining the broad search area and narrowing. Ask yourself these questions and be 100% honest with yourself:

  • What state do you want to work? Why?
  • What city do you want to work? Why?
  • What industry do you want to work? Why?
  • What job role do you want within the industry? Why?
  • What skills or training that you have do you want to use in the new job? (Focus on your strengths)
  • If your need is immediate, focus on the skills and training you have now and leverage them to get the job. If you need new skills to grow in the role, get them after you get hired and move up.

2. Don’t just focus on searching online where everyone else is searching. Take your search old school and go offline. To get the best results quickly, you need to do things others are not doing. Be creative with your offline search.

  • Check with the local chamber of commerce for any inside tips on companies that are hiring. And, check the membership roster to see if any of the members are in industries or companies that you’d want to work. Reach out to them directly by phone, old school with a specific goal in mind. i.e. Scheduling a meeting to learn more about the company and positions that fit your skillset. Ask for help, people love to help!
  • Send an introduction letter to hiring managers at companies you’re interested in. Then, follow up a week later with a call. Look the hiring manager up first on LinkedIn, the company website or both and learn about their role and background. Make a list of pertinent questions to ask and try to meet one-on-one to learn more about the company in an informal setting like a coffee shop. I’ve setup hundreds of networking meetings like this and the knowledge can be invaluable. If they like you, you dramatically increase your odds of getting a job within the company.
  • Attend local networking groups. Most BNI chapters will allow you to visit at least once before joining and their members are required to take guests as part of their membership. Have “job seeker” business cards made up with your info and the job role you’re looking for. The key is to STAND OUT.

3. Check the local newspapers. Not all companies focus on hiring from online job boards. If your industry is not one that focuses on technology then you might find they advertise in local newspapers.

  • Don’t just look at the job postings, look for companies that are featured in your local newspaper or individuals featured at those companies. Depending on the newspaper you may find numerous articles referencing various local businesses. Take some time to find out who the best contact person is for your department. Often calling and asking gets the info. Be direct and honest and you’ll get the best results, don’t try to be sneaky. That sets a bad tone.

4. Sign up for an account with your local business journal. Multiple cities across the USA have a business journal. With a membership you can look at their various sections that could help you find the right company and contact person. Some areas for example could be:

  • Top 100
  • Top Accounting Firms (Or other niche)
  • Top 40 under 40
  • Top new businesses
  • Top associations.
  • People on the move.

You get the idea. There are numerous categories of “Top” this or that. Choose an area that makes sense for your search criteria and dig in. You’ll find relevant info on a variety of niches.

5. Talk to your existing network of contacts whether it be friends or family. Often times it feels uncomfortable to put it out there that you are looking for a job change, especially now. A lot of people’s family members have different views about the vax than they do. However, even if they have a differing view, they likely want the best for you and will help you if they can.

  • Ask your family members “Who do you know that works in XYZ industry or does XYZ as a job?”. You may have to jog their memory but most people have many times more contacts than they realize. Dig deep and ask.
  • Your friends are equally connected. If you have friends in varying professional industries then you expand your chances of finding the right job. Don’t just ask your friends the “Who do you know” question, ask them “What do you see as my best strengths?”. Your friends will likely have a better, more realistic view of your job related skills than your family. Families often have a hard time of seeing you beyond the familial role you hold. Friends can be brutally honest. Right now, you need brutal honesty to hone in on the right job.

6. Use social media to your advantage, if you use social media or you’re open to it. Be creative with your social media use, don’t just use your personal profile.

  • Facebook – Create a page specifically for your job search and promote the page. Consider posting a Facebook ad and targeting the demographic using Facebook’s demographic targeting.
  • LinkedIn – If you don’t have a LinkedIn page, consider using one for your job search. Don’t just setup a profile and connect to whomever you can. Be very strategic about the people you connect with. Take time to write articles in your field and cross-promote those articles on your Facebook page. Writing will garner you more attention that simply connecting. You’ll soon find people reaching out to connect to you directly. Many of those that connect may well be recruiters looking to help place you. The goal as always is to STAND OUT and do so in a positive way. I used this technique in a past executive role to connect with over a thousand people in a year and set on average 3 meetings a day with people I wanted to network with. The technique works if you work it consistently.
  • Other social media platforms are viable options too. The key is not to spread yourself too thin. It’s better to master a single social media platform for maximum results than to shotgun yourself across multiple platforms with little results.

7. Customize your resume to each job you apply to, don’t use a generic resume for all of your job applications. And, target your resume used online with keywords. Remember, YOU are the product you’re selling and you’ll need to use the same techniques that marketers use to stand out.

  • Make your resume easy for hiring managers to scan. Use headers and bullets, not long paragraphs.
  • Research keywords relevant to your job search. Make a list of the keywords and as you tailor each resume to the job you’re applying for use their own job notice to insert those relevant keywords in your resume. Focus on what the job post lists as MUST have skills, education or training. Those keywords will be your primary buzz words.
  • Always take a physical resume to your job interview. Make sure this version is a quick, easy one page scan. Don’t be overly wordy.

8. Go digital but not in a small way. Go big or go home! Setup your own landing page with your resume, bio, credentials, examples of your work, awards, etc. Don’t be shy, strut your stuff and really STAND OUT. If you feel comfortable speaking, create an intro video of yourself. Let employers see the intelligent, capable person they’re fortunate enough to hire. I don’t mean that you should be cocky or arrogant but I do mean you should put on the full show and let them see your personality.

  • Don’t be a robot or another sheeple. Everyone sends the same resume, the same generic info. Be yourself and sell yourself. If a hiring manager connects with you as a person, they’ll be far more likely to hire you. Keep things professional but show your personality. Don’t be crass or vulgar, be relaxed and confident.
  • Make sure your website has a theme and content that resonates with who you are and what you offer professionally. If you can’t find the best solution yourself email me through the Contact form; I can help you create a website landing page that will WOW employers.

9. Use Google Alerts to stay updated automatically on various topics on the internet related to your job search.

  • First, decide what your goal is for using Google Alerts. Are you interested in seeing what major blogs or keywords are saying about your industry or companies you’re interested in? Tracking key terms? Finding new blogs to cross promote the writing you’ll do on LinkedIn? Decide on the goal.
  • You can use Google Alerts to track any keywords Google tracks. You’ll get the info delivered to your email on a relatively real-time basis. You can be assured that MOST job seekers are not using this tool as a strategy. Play around with it and see what results work best for you. It’s a bit unconventional but you want to leverage all the tools you can, especially the ones that are automated. Get started HERE.

10. Use a customized cover letter for every job application. This is one of the most overlooked aspects of job hunting. In over 25 years of my professional career; I rarely received a cover letter from a job applicant. Most people blast off dozens of applications but virtually nobody creates a individually tailored cover letter. According to Harvard experts, the perfect cover letter answers the following two questions:

  • Why are you the right fit for the job? This is a great question because most resumes don’t automatically answer this question and it gives you the opportunity to summarize why you fit the job and the job fits you.
  • How will you add value to the organization? This is a trickier question and it requires you to do a little research to ascertain what the organization values. Look on LinkedIn, the company website, the job posting, etc and honestly assess how you can add value to what the organization is doing. If you’re an award winning salesperson that can help them gain market share or acquire customers in a new demographic, now is the time to say so.

For an example of what Harvard experts say is the perfect cover letter check out the article on CNBC HERE.

Now you’re armed with 10 Job hunting methods to find the perfect job!

For more advice, reach out to me  using the Contact page.

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