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New Features Added!

NEW MESSAGE FEATURE WITH DOCUMENT ATTACHMENT: Check out the new features we’ve added, more to come! New message features allow you to add documents and emogis to your messages. Follow these steps: Hover over your profile name in the top

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10 Job hunting methods to find the perfect job!

10 Job hunting methods to find the perfect job! 1. Narrow your job search down to a laser focused goal. Don’t be vague, or general. Don’t just go for any no vax job that you qualify for. Even though we’re

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Get help NOW – Tell us WHAT you need.

Who would like additional help? I am the creator of and I have over 25yrs experience as an executive and hiring manager. If you want your resume reviewed or some advise, please ask. I’m here to help! :). Let

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No Country for Purebloods: How Tyrannical Executive Orders Further Divide Us

Guest post by Kaisar, founder of The Hidden Dominion. You can read his massive list of resources to fight against the mandates and covid misinformation by clicking here. The vax mandates brought forth under the Biden Administration have served a few

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Insurance for the unvaccinated

You’ve made the decision not to get vaccinated and you’ve made it onto our no vaccine mandate jobs board. You are one of the few, intelligent, independently minded free thinkers alive today. Stay unvaccinated and you’ll have additional challenges to

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FREE & Inexpensive resume templates

Whether you’re an Apple Pages, Microsoft Office or even a Google Docs user, there are tons of free resume templates available. Check out these options to make a great impression! Microsoft: These templates are 100% Free and will give you

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Thank you for the donations!

Thank you to all of you that have donated to keep FREE for everyone! Since creating the site I have focused on building it without expense to job seekers or job posters and my aim is to keep it

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Job Hunting Tactics – Land a job NOW!

There are many hacks for finding a job. Most people look for work the same we and with often poor and time consuming results. Why not jumpstart the process by using some guerrilla tactics, the type that marketers use to

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Get the most out of your membership at

Take full advantage of the opportunity to network and connect with other job seekers and the excellent employers on this site. First: Complete your profile page. Second: Post your resume or a brief description of your job interests on the

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Help us grow and help more people!

Spread the word to employers, we want to help as many people as possible find jobs with employers that value personal freedom. Thank you for helping us grow!

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