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***2022 UPDATE: Be prepared for the behavioral interview questions employers ask!***

Whether you’re an Apple Pages, Microsoft Office or even a Google Docs user, there are tons of free resume templates available. Check out these options to make a great impression!


These templates are 100% Free and will give you a great 1st impression when applying for your new job. I like to always send a PDF version of my resume whenever I apply for a job. PDF is the simplest form to use because it’s not dependent on any particular software platform. Normally you can go to File-Save As and choose PDF as an option. You’ll want to scroll down past the premium resume options and download the free ones you like best at the link below.

Apple Pages:

Not many things in the world of Apple are free and that goes for quality resume templates. For $4.99 though you’ll get 500 templates to choose from. If you have a MacBook, you’ll already have a handful of FREE templates in the Pages app. They’re very basic but they’ll get the job done. In the MacBook, you’ll want to select File-Export to PDF in order to save the Pages document as a PDF.

Google Docs:

If you have Google Docs, there are a couple of FREE resume templates built in. You’ll just need to go to Google, click on the group of dots in the upper right-hand corner and scroll down to Docs. Once you open Docs you’ll see the “Start a new document” section that has a couple of resume templates built in. Nothing fancy but they’re practical and can be edited to look quite nice.

If you want to make the maximum impression on a hiring manager you can purchase a unique domain name and craft yourself a landing page with your resume. This will highlight your technical skill and how you go above and beyond to make a great first impression.

Of course, NOTHING compares to a professionally prepared resume or landing page from a skilled resume writer and web developer. If you need help crafting a resume or a landing page, reach out to me using the Contact page and we’ll get you the help you need to make an amazing first impression.

Happy hunting!



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