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  1. I am about ready to retire, but I don’t ever want to fully retire. I am not sure where to post this… There is no post resume area???

    I would like to work in almost any field, but not as a politician because I’d prefer to work in an area where I can be honest.

    I have been working since I was 14 and I like a reasonable challenge.

    I have been in corrugated as a designer for almost 20 years, currently in solar manufacturing for last 15+ years. I like working 3-4 days a week as I do at my current job.  I am making $22 an hour, but will work for much less if the situation is right. (job type/people/work conditions/freedom) I would like to live in a rural setting…

    1. Hi Robert,

      You’ll want to post your resume on the Resume Directory. You should see the link a the top of the screen if using a PC or in the compressed menu with 3 lines on the top-right hand side if you’re on a mobile device.

      Expert tip! Click the “Media” button on the left-hand side to add a PDF copy of your resume. When you do, you’ll see a blue button on the bottom-right that reads something along the lines of “Post in Page”. This will add the link to the PDF copy of your resume into your directory post.

      Happy hunting!


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