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Take full advantage of the opportunity to network and connect with other job seekers and the excellent employers on this site.

First: Complete your profile page.

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Second: Post your resume or a brief description of your job interests on the Resume Directory.

Third: Join the Job Networking Group and connect with others for support and opportunities.

Finally: Reach out to the Admin should you need any help. The admin can be reached @slwusa by sending a message from your profile (See below).

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      1. Mary Ann, In the top right-hand corner where your name is hover over the name and you’ll see a menu pop up. Go to Friends ->Pending requests. That’ll pull up the page that lets you accept the request.

      2. Let me know if you have any more problems. Yes hoover over your name/icon in the top right corner and go to “Friends”. There where the “Pending Requests” are located. Click on that and scroll down and click on “Accept”.

  1. Hi Lori! 🙂

    I’m the Admin as you know and I’m looking for some great non-vax employers who’ll stand up to this mandate. And, we need tons of great candidates wanting no-vax jobs that allow them to keep their freedom!

    And, as I am with an employer that fits the new mandate and will be in questionable territory myself; I need CLIENTS! I built myself and do website development so if anyone needs a website, reach out to me. Additionally, I’m an accountant and expert with QuickBooks Enterprise and online. I’m looking to establish bookkeeping clients that allow me to work remotely.

    I’m also here to help if you need anything or have any questions about Thank you all for joining!

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