Insurance for the unvaccinated

Insurance for the unvaccinated

You’ve made the decision not to get vaccinated and you’ve made it onto our no vaccine mandate jobs board. You are one of the few, intelligent, independently minded free thinkers alive today.

Stay unvaccinated and you’ll have additional challenges to face moving forward. Be prepared upfront and the challenges you face will be lessened. So, how does insurance for the unvaccinated work? Read on to learn more and find valuable resources.

Insurance in the traditional sense for the unvaccinated will likely become an increasingly difficult prospect. As the mandates grow more insurance companies will restrict the options available for the unvaccinated. 

You’re going to need to think outside the box a little and insure yourself by means of some of the unconventional healthcare options available. In essence you’ll be uninsured but covered by a private membership plan.

Getting medical treatment will be an increasing problem as vaccine mandates increase and the few, strong leaders that presently exist get overrun by the bureaucracy. There are still some options out there though and with some strategy on your part, you can utilize them now and far into the future.

A few options exist for medical treatment remotely that don’t require you to visit a local doctor to get the treatment and prescriptions you need.

Virtual Medicine:

Teladoc is one of the biggest players in the remote medical treatment game and they’re the option I personally utilize at present. The system is pretty straight forward and you can connect even on your smartphone via an app. Check out their YouTube video for more details:

PlusCare is another remote healthcare options. I haven’t personally used the system but after reviewing their site and information it looks like a solid platform with straight forward membership options at reasonable rates. Check out their YouTube video for more details:

Doctor Membership Plans:

Another alternative to the traditional model of healthcare that provides you with a local doctor instead of the virtual doctor model of the two above is a Membership Doctor Group or Concierge Medical Doctor. There are a number of terms used to denote this type of medial practice but essentially you join the medical group much like you join a gym.

A lot of these groups are springing up all over and the pricing plan for the example here PartnerMD is similar to others I’ve seen. Check out their site and get an idea of how the programs work and a good example of the costs.

I participated in one locally near me a few years back and it was a flat $175 per visit which covered my visit and my labs. In my area, you do typically see a Nurse Practitioner instead of an MD. The MDs reviewed my medical file but rarely engaged with me directly. The plan fit my needs at the time but I have since moved on to the Teladoc model.

In a Covid-19 vaccine mandate world, we’ll need to be ever more creative and begin to explore alternatives that a short time ago we might not have considered. As a general rule I don’t use medical services unless there’s an unavoidable need.

Many however are not as fortunate and need constant treatment for chronic conditions that require prescription medications. In that situation the solutions above are likely viable options that’ll limit your need to be vaccinated in order to receive treatment. However, as the mandates gain traction that could very well change.

Pharmacy Rx Deliveries:

After exploring insurance for the unvaccinated, and you’ve seen your new no vaccine mandate Doctor and received the prescriptions you need, how do you get them filled without going to the pharmacy? And, can you avoid the major players like WalMart Pharmacy, Walgreens or CVS?

The answer is YES, you can avoid the big chains and buy discount pharmaceuticals through a number of online retailers now that deliver to your door. There is no shortage of new online options for virtually everything and pharmacies are no exception.

Avoid the Big Players:

By avoiding the big players you also avoid the potential for being required to have the vaccine just to pick up your prescriptions. And, although the big players have delivery options, you may be in an area they don’t deliver or you might just not want to support them.

Whatever your reason, we’re here to give you options when living your life outside the vaccine mandate bureaucracy. Insurance for the unvaccinated is a critical need and we want you prepared and covered.

Blink Health is one of those options. Their motto is simple “Same pills, lower prices”. Blink is making waves big enough that even the pro bureaucracy mainstream news is taking notice. Check out the video on their service:


Amazon Pharmacy is another options many may be unfamiliar with. Amazon is into everything from the servers we use the internet on to grocery deliveries and now its online pharmacy.

This solution will obviously work best for Amazon Prime members that already use the ecosystem. It’ll be interesting to see how completely Amazon will begin to dominate this corner of the marketplace.

PillPack gets you well organized, try it and you’ll never miss a dose.

Of course like the others PillPack will deliver directly to you but it also has the unique option of packaging your meds in an easy to read box with individually packed pills for each dosage.

Insurance for the unvaccinated will continue to be an issue and learning the options available now and preparing is crucial. Your generous donations fund this site. If you have the means and you find our purpose valuable, please donate and help us.

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