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***2022 UPDATE: Prepare for behavior interviews employers are asking!”

There are many hacks for finding a job. Most people look for work the same we and with often poor and time consuming results. Why not jumpstart the process by using some guerrilla tactics, the type that marketers use to get your eyes on their products. Guerrilla marketing has been around a long time and there are some creative ways to add it to you arsenal for finding a job.

Let’s dive in! has some great ideas that could help you land that job quicker:

  1. Create a digital business card.

  2. Network.

  3. Setup Google Alerts.

  4. Track your job search & keep organized.

  5. Send Thank You notes.

Some of their tips are decidedly “Old-School”. Networking for a job, keeping track of your search and sending Thank You notes has been around forever. They’re still essential as part of your overall plan.

I say take things up a notch and stand out. Recruiters and hiring managers get blasted with dozens and dozens of resumes from job seekers. When I was a manager I’d get sometimes 100 resumes for an opening and I’d only have time to glance over them before cutting the size of the pile down. You WANT and NEED to stand out.

Try these extras to get in front of the right person fast!

  1. Email the hiring manager by searching for them on LinkedIn. Then find out what their company email structure is doing a quick Google search. Don’t worry, often if you get it wrong and get to SOMEONE at the company they’ll direct you to the right email. It’s a tactic I’ve used in sales many times with great success. You’re selling YOU so work it just like you’re selling a product.

  2. Create a landing page with your professional profile and interesting facts about yourself. Let the hiring managers see you as an interesting and capable person they’d like to work with.

  3. Check with the local Chamber of Commerce, they often hear about jobs coming up from their members before they even get posted. The Chamber of Commerce is a private business, not part of the government either and often times they’ll be more conservative in viewpoint than the local government. In a NO VAX job hunt, that’s what you need!

  4. If you need to convince employers you’re tech savvy, send them a card with a QR code that links to your online resume instead of just a paper resume. Add a catchy phrase to draw them in like “Tech Savvy Office Manager…Scan to learn more!”. People love a great secret; make them love learning about YOU!

There are so many unique ways to promote yourself. Don’t get stuck in the rut of posting a job online and hoping someone will find it or blasting out email applications to jobs randomly. If you have to search for a new job, find one you’ll love!

Happy Hunting!



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