I have worked in nursing homes in the environmental services aka housekeeping for nearly 6 years now. I deeply enjoy what I do for my residents everyday I am at work. I feel that very soon the facility I am now working at in kearney Nebraska will require me to get the jab. There is no way that I will put that man made poison in my body which has hurt far too many. God continues to keep me healthy and it is God alone I trust.
Working in environmental services has been what I’ve known and enjoyed doing for so long but I see every nursing home or hospital will soon require employees to get the jab so I must learn a new field so I can support myself.
I have done other jobs but none felt as rewarding to my spirit as cleaning for my residents.
I am a fast learner, get along with everyone I meet, good team player and looking for a company that will not look down on my values of trusting God above all as the ceo of the nursing home I work at now does.
I only have email and do not have any form of social media at all. I am on telegram though.
If you will have the patients to teach me I will prove to you that I will be a very beneficial member of your team.

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