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No Country for Purebloods: How Tyrannical Executive Orders Further Divide Us

Guest post by Kaisar, founder of The Hidden Dominion. You can read his massive list of resources to fight against the mandates and covid misinformation by clicking here.

The vax mandates brought forth under the Biden Administration have served a few very noteworthy purposes:

  • They have desecrated the right to bodily autonomy.

  • They have fathered a tyrannical “rule by executive order”, where laws are not passed traditionally through legislation, but instead are mandated by one individual.

  • They have forced people to undergo a medical procedure or risk losing their livelihood, their rights, and their ability to function as a normal person within society.

  • They have divided the population into two groups: the “unvaxxed” and the “vaxxed”.

For this article, I want to focus on the latter point. That isn’t to diminish the significance of the first three, but instead to tunnel-in on the importance of that division.

This nation has been set up on a collision course for conflict for many decades. Division of the population is a key element of this course. It is also one that is very beneficial, and profitable, to certain powerful people. We can’t unite against totalitarians if we are convinced that the enemy is our neighbor and friends, instead.

This is not the first division these people have used. We’ve seen black versus white, man versus  woman, young versus old (generational division), republican versus democrat, red state versus blue state, and plenty of other internal divisionary tactics.

The sad truth is that they have worked. And they continue to work. This time, with vax  compliance. On one side, we have the unvaxxed. On the other, the vaxxed. There are obvious distinctions and clear segregation occurring between the two already.

We’ve seen it with Biden’s mantra: “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. We’ve seen it overseas, with Germany shutting off options for unvaxxed people to buy food. All over the Western world, we’ve seen it with medical professionals losing their jobs, creating an artificial medical personnel shortage during a supposed “pandemic”. The entire world is upside down right now, which is exactly how division is fermented best. Through confusion and distortion.

The aim of the powerful individuals is two-fold: They desire more vaxxed people and to get that compliant population to a position of being so hateful and vitriolically angry against the unvaxxed that they can push through whatever tyrannical orders that they desire.

This is a psychological conditioning tactic. They convince the country that the enemy is the purebloods, and then they say that any tyrannical order they pass is fine because it is against “them”, the others. “It’s not against you, my compliant population. We’d never do this to you”.

The vaxxed think that they are safe from any tyrannical reckoning, while we unvaxxed are getting what we deserve.

The anger and hostility cloud the judgement of the compliant followers, rendering them unable to see the long-term game plan. Which is to further their own power and ability to enact these kinds of edicts in the future. Against everyone that isn’t compliant with exactly what they want. Vaxxed or unvaxxed. If you think this stops with these mandates, you haven’t been paying attention.

Today, they come for the unvaxxed. Tomorrow, they’ll come for the next big artificial division they create and exploit. Eventually, they will come for all. Piece by piece; minority by minority. So, that we cannot fight back because of the internal division that is pitting us against one another first. While the ruling class relax and enjoy having the benefit of the majority encouraging those abuses against that minority.

It isn’t a surprise for most of us. We can already see this. As soon as these tyrannical executive orders get passed without enough pushback to stop them, there is no way in the future to stop more and harsher ones. The precedent would have been set.

There has been a mass awakening to the regrettable fact that we have to fight back now or forever lose the ability to stop these in the future. If they can force you to do this medical treatment, they can force you to do any medical treatment. If they can stop you from getting medical treatment or buying food because of this, they can do the same for a future mandate of their own choosing. It doesn’t stop here. Because they don’t want it to stop here. That’s the entire purpose, to further expand their power to however far it can reach.

A natural division then occurs on our side against those that are compliant and going along with the plan. We can’t help but be angry at the compliant population for putting us in this position and being fine with potentially stripping us of our livelihoods and ability to live peacefully and unmolested by their medical procedures. It’s hard not to find division here, from both ends. Those being psychologically manipulated to hate us and from those of us not wanting to take their jab, but being constantly harassed and targeted for not doing so. It’s a very powerful division they have manufactured. It’s important that we expose this darkness and bring it out into the light.

Either we stop this now before it gets worse or soon there will be no country left for purebloods. Then, they’ll move onto their next target.

The actions against us will not improve, they will only deteriorate with any semblance of compliance. We have to stand our ground, fully and faithfully. This means having the upmost courage and resilience in the face of this tyrannical evil. Many of us will be personally affected, but the impact we will face if we fight this now and win will be magnitudes less than what is coming if we fail.

In doing so, we are not just fighting back against the vax mandates. We are also fighting back against all future mandates, orders, and laws that seek to subjugate, divide, and destroy us. Our task is not a small one: we are fighting back against the very beast that has overtaken and defiled the Western world. We’re stopping it here before it starts devouring everyone.

Guest post by Kaisar, founder of The Hidden Dominion. You can read his massive list of resources to fight against the mandates and covid misinformation by clicking here.

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