Experienced Agile Systems/Software Engineer and Project Leader

Experienced Agile Systems/Software Engineer and Project Leader
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I am seeking opportunities to help organizations deliver results for maximum user capability and satisfaction by applying my Agile software and systems engineering and analytical skills to systems and software engineering, development, product and project leadership. I am open to contract, consulting and full time employee work arrangements

I have over 39 years of experience in system and software engineering across a wide range of defense and aerospace sectors. This includes more than 25 years of task and project leadership experience, and 6 years of direct staff supervision experience.

Over the last 19 years I have developed experience with Agile methodologies and techniques, applying them to software development and engineering, system engineering, modeling, simulation and analysis efforts. I have accomplished the Product Owner role for multiple software development efforts with diverse and distributed development teams from different companies, and applied Agile principles in leading multiple modeling and analysis teams. I also have considerable experience working with warfighters and end users to understand their real needs, convey those needs, and help them use new and existing capabilities to accomplish their missions.

Skills and Strengths
-Applying Agile principles to management, development, analysis, modeling and engineering activities
-Technical, project and staff leadership of diverse and distributed teams and organizations. Am also comfortable working as an individual team member
-Enjoy learning about user needs, conveying them to the development, analysis, and engineering teams, and helping users apply current and new capabilities to maximize their performance
-Quick learner, skilled at researching information, and applying both new knowledge and prior experiences to new tasks
-Skilled problem solver capable of both strategic and tactical thinking. Good at identifying problems and needs, determining and evaluating the potential solution space, and then leading the implementation of selected solutions

Detailed resume and references available upon request


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