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New Product Development Engineer – Mechanical Engineer / Industrial Design
Address: 27330
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Mechanical engineer with industrial design experience and the ability to manage a design team
Engineering Program Manager
Address: Morrow, Ohio
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Has managed aerospace, mechanical, electrical, and even some app development efforts as a project and program manager. Also an automotive enthusiast who wrote a book on a diesel conversion. Looking to further increase my distance from the military industrial complex.
Experienced Agile Systems/Software Engineer and Project Leader
Address: Massachusetts
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I am seeking opportunities to help organizations deliver results for maximum user capability and satisfaction by applying my Agile software and systems engineering and analytical skills to systems and software engineering, development, product and project leadership. I am open to contract, consulting and full time employee work arrangements
Address: 40222
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I have a twenty year career building internal line of business applications in small business and corporate environments. My main experience is with .Net, going back to ASP Classic, through WebForms, MVC, and now lately .Net Core and Blazor. I work “full stack” and take care of everything from customer interactions, requirements gathering, architecture, design, development, programming, deployment, support, maintenance, enhancements, etc. I am available on site in Louisville, KY and also able to work remotely.
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